Just like other sports, during the ride might have accidental injury. Please be aware of the risk when you ride. If you refit the bicycle, GIRDER won’t undertake any consequences. You should familiar with the traffic regulations, it’s your responsibility to ride your bicycle properly, and this may effectively reduce the risk of accident. Appropriate maintenance your bicycle can keep the  usability and safety feature of your bicycle. Please wear helmet and bicycle clothing, it can decrease or prevent injury.
•If your bicycle have the special accessories, such as: Adjustable suspension fork,Hydraulic brake, Frame shock absorber, your dealer will give your another Manual.
•To make sure your bicycle acquires appropriate maintenance, we suggest you to send your bicycle to after-sales service shop which authorized by GIRDER.
•This manual also include your bicycle safeguard clause.
Your GIRDER Retailer
•Except this manual, your main information source and help is your GIRDER dealer. When you need maintain、adjustment, the local dealer would be your first choice.
P.S. Bicycle and its accessories always updating, this manual may not cover all the information. If you need more information, please consult your local dealer.  

Prevent Theft Your Bicycle
Purchase and use a lock that resists bolt cutters and saws. Do not park your bicycle unless it is locked. Also, get a license for your bicycle from your local police department.

Safety Park Your Bicycle
When you complete a ride, put your bicycle in a location where it will not be an obstruction, and it has protection from dangerous conditions. Do not park your bicycle near electric motors; ozone from motors can cause damage to rubber and paint. Rain or snow can cause the metal on your bicycle to corrode. Ultraviolet radiation from the sun can fade the paint or crack the rubber or plastic on your bicycle.
Make sure your bicycle cannot fall. A fall could cut the handlebar grip or cause damage to the saddle. Incorrect use of a bicycle rack could bend your wheels. Do not set your bicycle on its derailleur. The rear derailleur could bend or dirt could get on the drive train.
Before you put away your bicycle for an extended time, clean and service it and apply frame polish. Hang your bicycle off the ground with the tires at approximately half the recommended inflation pressure. Before you ride your bicycle again, be sure it operates correctly.

Keep Your Bicycle Clean
If your frame or a component is dirty, clean it with a soft, moist cloth and bicycle cleaner or a solution of dish soap and water. Do not use industrial solvents or harsh chemicals because they can cause damage to the paint or moving parts.
Every three months, clean and polish the frame finish. Some finishes do not require polish. Some finishes do not require polish. If you are not certain, consult your dealer.